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BDS2 - I'm Nearly there. =P

2008-05-24 07:46:10 by KoLdBLooD

I'm really exited about this project, the last time I submitted an actual animation to this site was back in 2005. In that little time gap I've been diagnosed with Crohns Desease, Passed my GCSE Exams, finished High School, started college and been the breaker (and breakee) of hearts. A lot has happened and now I actually have time to finish a flash... Brings back memories. =']

Anyway, I'm about 80% finished. Gunna add a few more sketches, add a new shadow effect I've essentially developed, credits and possible bonus material and It'll ready for the oven. =P

I can't wait, I hope you guys can't either.


BDS2 - I'm Nearly there. =P

BDS2 Almost Complete

2008-05-23 06:55:56 by KoLdBLooD

Progress Report

I'm Slowly getting there now, after being out of the game for so long I'm quickly re-learning things I forgot how to do in flash, and learning new techniques as time progresses.

As none of you may know, I submitted "Boring Day Sketches" in 2005 and have been wanting to do a new movie / sequel for a long long time. Now that time is coming to an end, I'm about 70% complete on "Boring Day Sketches 2" and my god, Its bigger and it's better. You guys should like it. Those of you who like sticks anyway. =P

I swear on Tom Fulp's beard I'll get into Fullbody animation soon. Honest.


BDS2 Almost Complete

Wuts an ssbb?

2008-04-12 18:00:56 by KoLdBLooD



But first!!!

Read the story!

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/87 3782

Gad Dammit >:(

2007-07-18 09:43:11 by KoLdBLooD

Had to re-format my PC and now I've lost my new flash I was gunna submit soon. It was going to be based on the little Star Wars thing I did in "The Ma$sAcre" collab that had Jazza and Master Samus in it.

I'm gunna make a new "Boring day sketches" instead. Hopefully you will enjoy that enough as a substitute...


- Matt