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To everyone who worked on page 25, and to those who stopped arguing. THANKS!!! We're still open and we've just entered chapter 3. I'd also like to thank ReNaeNae for clearing up all the useless shit from the past 3 pages, and giving us a chance. =]

Also I'd like to announce that I'm going to be drawing a comic based on the thread. It will probably take me all summer. But it will be worth it.

To those who don't know what I'm talking about, Why dont you flick through the thread and read the story so far!!!

Link to page 1 - So There I was...

Thanks Again.

"So There I Was.." STILL OPEN!!!! - AND OTHER STUFF.

It seems like it, unless we all get our heads out of our asses and get working on pictures rather than bickering.

I've sent a PM to ReNaeNae the Art forum Moderator to plead he give us till the end of page 26 rather than page 25 to turn the thread around and back on track.

We can do it guys.

$$$ I MADE FOUR DORRAS!!!! $$$

2009-04-26 09:11:00 by KoLdBLooD

I submitted BDS2 to a few sites including flash portal, sticktacular, clipal and more recently stickpage. I just checked my NG account today only to find out I've made OVER FOUR DORRAS!!!

I love The NG FlashAds. =]

Thank you NEWGROUNDS! <3

$$$ I MADE FOUR DORRAS!!!! $$$


Boring Day Sketches 2 is now in the portal, go vote on it now.


Finishing a Late Project!

2009-04-17 10:59:35 by KoLdBLooD

Yeah, spending all day today finishing up 'Boring Day Sketches 2'. I'm gunna try and upload it as soon as possible.

Hope you guys like it. Most of you wont. Because even I know I could do better. I just hate having unfinished work on my PC so I've decided to finally get it done. =]

Finishing a Late Project!

So, I've been Banned.

2008-10-08 11:06:05 by KoLdBLooD

I'm cool now right?

So who's exited for the release of the first episode? I know I am.

Since the teaser hit NG 4 years ago EVERYONE has been waiting for this to come out. The author made a post on his site under a month ago about progress. It looks like he's finished everything exept the soundtrack. And now I am literally creaming my pants in anticipation.



Fallen Angel ep1: Anticipation.

This is MADNESS!

2008-09-27 09:41:51 by KoLdBLooD

He he.

While watching all the superb Madness day flashes, (Especially MindChamber's flash, if you haven't seen it yet, it's on the front page. 'With my minds Madness.') I decided to draw a little fan art. It turned out better than expected. I tried a more 'Human' looking Hank(version 5).

I look forward to the upcoming Madness Combat 9, also next years collection of Madness day flashes, they where awesome. =P

- KoLdBLooD

This is MADNESS!


2008-09-10 16:19:41 by KoLdBLooD

Whats with the deleting threads without reason? I read the rules on posting so i know what not to do. And i followed those rules very closely... so why are mods deleteing threads on a whim? Maybe they are the ones who should be reading the rules. =P



2008-09-04 10:56:53 by KoLdBLooD

LOL. I have no life, to much time on my hands, am a fag, suck dick for a living, is an idiot, not funny, should go to hell and immature... Amirite?

Post things that I forgot.

(Im aware point 3 + 4 are practically the same thing.)

Hur hur. =P.