2010-09-23 13:43:33 by KoLdBLooD

I have finally started uni, and I am finally studying the one thing I have dreamed about since I was little. ANIMATION.

I am going to make a vow, right here and now, and this news post will act as a reminder to myself. I now feel that I am in the right environment and state of mind to start animating for real. I am going to attempt all the art competitions and flash holidays newgrounds has to offer, and I'm going to sit down and write a cartoon, then after that i will write another, and another. until i have piles of sketchbooks filled with ideas. then I'm going to go over to my computer and animate the FUCK out of them. I cant promise they will be good at first, I cant promise I'll get well known with the first submissions. BUT GOD DAMN IT NEWGROUNDS! I WILL GET FRONT PAGE ONE DAY! and it might not be next week, or in a year or two. But I swear to you, I will get it.


it's time for me to start making some cartoons, see you on the front page guys.



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