"So There I was..." - Comic.

2009-07-04 09:59:32 by KoLdBLooD

I'm just finishing off the front page now. I'm trying to keep most of the elements from the story when I re-draw all the events. But please, to all the people who contributed to the original story... Please don't be offended if I choose to leave your part out. I'm trying to make this thing flow, like a comic.

I'm gunna post up the cover page soon.

"So There I was..." - Comic.


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2009-07-06 10:10:56

That's the front cover right? Goes well with the recollection theme of the title.

KoLdBLooD responds:

I'm gunna clean it up some more first... but that's basicly what it's gunna look like.


2009-07-26 13:48:46